Friday, March 9, 2012

Facts About World War II

  • World War II (September 1, 1939-September 2, 1945) was the largest, most destructive, and most widespread war in history.
  • As a result of World War II more than 50 million people died and hundreds of millions were wounded, physically and psychologically. 
  • Most of the German soldiers who died in World War Two died on the Eastern front.
  • The top American ace of all time was Richard Ira Bong. He shot down 40 Japanese planes in the Pacific.
  • Germany lost 40-45% of their aircraft during World War 2 to accidents.
  • For each man killed on battle, four others were wounded.
  • The National Socialist Party was originally called the ‘Nasos’ and not the Nazis.
  • From 1939 till the end of the war, the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bomb, mostly in industrial German cities.
  • During World War II the government appointed a Minister of Food. His job was to sell the benefits of rationing to the public and educate people into better eating habits.
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