Monday, July 20, 2009

German Shepherd Facts

We rescued a German Shepherd from the Animal Shelter a few months ago. He was in pretty bad shape and only weighed 70 pounds. With some love, lots of food and care we got him up to his ideal weight of 110lbs. Here are some facts about this amazing breed and a picture :

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German Shepherd's are the third most popular breed in the US.

The originated from Germany (hence the name) in 1899 and were brought to the US in 1907.

A famous German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin made 26 movies.

They are a working dog and are used as herders, as police dogs, and by the military.

Clipper was the German Shepherd Dog owned by John Kennedy.

Average size of a German Shepherd liter is 8 puppies.

German Shepherds are the 3rd most intelligent dog breed.

Owning a German Shepherd Dog is rewarding and fun! For all you need to know about feeding, training and caring for your dog I would recommend The Essential German Shepherd Dog (The Essential Guides). It is a very helpful book and one that I have referenced over and over again!


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