Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facts About The Statue of Liberty

The statue was built from copper sheets mounted onto a steel framework.

Work on the statue began in France in 1875 and was completed in 1884. The statue had to be dismantled before being shipped to New York in 1885.

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Each of the 1350 iron bars were replaced by stainless-steel bars because the iron bars were all severely corroded.

Statue of Liberty stamps that have been minted were: 15 cent stamp issued on November 11, 1922; 3 cent stamp issued on June 24, 1954; 8 cent stamp issued on April 9, 1954; and 11 cent stamp issued on June 11, 1961.

Liberty Island was known as Bedloe's Island till 1956.

Liberty island was closed to the public from September 11, 2001 and reopened in December the same year.

There are seven rays on Liberty's crown, symbolizing the seven seas and seven continents. Miss Liberty holds a tablet in her left hand that reads "July 4, 1776" (in Roman numerals).

There are 354 steps inside the statue and its pedestal and 25 viewing windows in the crown.

The Statue of Liberty National Monument has stood proudly in New York Harbor for almost 120 years (her official 120th birthday will be on October 28, 2006)

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