Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snapple Facts

#1 - A Goldfish's attention span is three seconds.

#2 - Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons.

#3 - Beavers can hold their breathe for 45 minutes under water.

#4 - Slugs have 4 noses.

#5 - Camels have 3 eyelids.

#6 - A honey bee can fly at 15mph.

#7 - A queen bee can lay 800-1500 eggs per day.

#8 - A bee has 5 eyes.

#9 - The average speed of a housefly is 4.5 mph.

#10 - Mosquitoes are attracted to people who just ate bananas.

Fun Facts About John Wayne Facts

The Duke's favorite singer was Frank Sinatra.

City of birth: Winterset, Iowa.

His birth name was Marion Robert Morrison.

He smoked five packs a day until he got lung cancer and had his lung removed in 1964. He switched to tobacco and cigars after that.

Wayne actively campaigned for Richard Nixon.

He was a Freemason.

John was 6'4 and wore a size 11 boot.

The last movie Duke made was "The Shootist" - 1976

John Wayne died on June 11,1979 at the age of 72. He is buried at the Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach, California.

John Wayne's first job relating to movies was as a prop man for Tom Mix.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cockroach Facts

Roaches wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies.

Cockroaches have 6 legs and least 18 knees!

Roaches can go without eating for a month but will only live a week without water.

If you see a white cockroach, it has just shed its skin.

The cockroach was once a guest of honor in European homes, and it was customary to release them in new dwellings.

A cockroach can live a week without its head. It only dies because without a mouth, it can't drink water.

Cockroaches are supreme couch potatoes. They spend 75 percent of their time resting.

Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives.

Roaches can swim and hold their breath for 40 minutes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Science Facts

Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.

80 years ago: The food mixer and the domestic refrigerator were invented.

The largest man-made lake in the U.S. is Lake Mead, created by Hoover Dam.

It takes approximately 12 hours for food to entirely digest.

The longest living cells in the body are brain cells which can live an entire lifetime.

The ears of a cricket are located on the front legs, just below the knee.

Boron nitride (BN) is the second hardest substance known to man.

October 10 is National Metric Day.

Cars were first made with ignition keys in 1949.

Due to gravitational effects, you weigh slightly less when the moon is directly overhead.

Every year in the US, 625 people are struck by lightning.

Hawaii is moving toward Japan 4 inches every year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Facts

The adult online industry in the US has annual sales of at least $1 billion , and as many as 10 million paying subscribers.

"Tom Sawyer" was the first novel written on a typewriter.

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

The average number of people airborne over the US any given hour: 61,000

John Greenwood, also of New York invented the dental drill in 1790.

At last count there were about 226,000 trees in New York's Central Park.

In Lehigh, Nebraska it's against the law to sell donut holes.

Not all Golf Balls have 360 dimples. There are some as high as 420. There are also all different kinds of dimple patterns.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dental Facts

32% of Americans cite bad breath as the least attractive trait of their co-workers.

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans.

Employed adults lose more than 164 million hours of work each year due to oral health problems or dental visits.

The first mass-produced toothbrush was made by William Addis of Clerkenwald, England, around 1780.

Mass production of toothbrushes began in America around 1885.

Boar bristles were used until 1938, when nylon bristles were introduced by Dupont de Nemours.

4 out of 5 new toothbrushes straight out of the package are already contaminated.

Toothbrushes should be kept 6 feet away from the toilet to avoid being contaminated by airborne stuff stirred up after flushing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Facts About Your Brain

Your brain consists of 60% white matter and 40% grey matter.

If you could harness the power used by your brain, you could power as a 10-watt light bulb.

The human brain is approximately 75% water.

New connections are created each and every time you remember something or have a new thought.

It’s not your brain that’s hurting when you get a headache – without pain receptors, your brain can’t feel any pain.

Your brain is about 1300-1400 cubic centimeters in volume, about the size of a cantaloupe and wrinkled like a walnut.

Humans have the most complex brain of any animal on earth.

Your brain generates 25 watts of power while you're awake---enough to illuminate a light bulb.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Space Facts

You can fly Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two and experience weightlessness for 5 minutes for $200,000.

After 6 months in space your head swells with fluid and becomes puffy. Your inner ear sends conflicting signals which causes space sickness. Your heart enlarges and its beat slows down. Your stomach has a free falling sensation. Your legs become thinner. Your spine becomes straighter adding two inches of height.

Jupiter has a giant red spot on it that is a storm.

In winter the Earth is actually closer to the sun.

The original commercial rockets required launch teams of hundreds of engineers and technicians. Some rockets now require only eight people.

A NASA study showed that if a ticket to space cost $100,000 about 1 million people would buy a ticket.

The moon orbits the Earth about every month.

The Space Race took place in the Cold war.

Before the ISS there was a station called Mir.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ocean Facts

Area: about 140 million square miles (362 million sq km), or nearly 71% of the Earth's surface.

The longest continuous mountain chain known to exist in the Universe resides in the ocean at more than 40,000 miles long.

Water pressure at the deepest point in the ocean is more than 8 tons per square inch, the equivalent of one person trying to hold 50 jumbo jets.

A swallow of seawater may contain millions of bacterial cells, hundreds of thousands of phytoplankton and tens of thousands of zooplankton.

More than 90 percent of the trade between countries is carried by ships and about half the communications between nations use underwater cables.

By 2010, 80 per cent of people will live within 60 miles of the coast.

Tropical coral reefs border the shores of 109 countries, the majority of which are among the world's least developed. Significant reef degradation has occurred in 93 countries.

The High Seas -- areas of the ocean beyond national jurisdiction -- cover almost 50 per cent of the Earth's surface. They are the least protected part of the world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock And Roll Facts

Van Halen's "5150" is named after Eddie's Peavey 5150 amp, which is built exclusively for him.

Jimi got the inspiration for "Purple Haze" after having a dream where he could walk underwater.

B.B. King's beautiful guitar is a Gibson ES-355, but is known as Lucille.

In Freddie Mercury's video "The Great Pretender", one of the women that sing with him is actually the band's drummer Roger Taylor disguised as one.

Ummagumma (a Pink Floyd cd) is (british) slang for sex.

Foo Fighters is what the US air force used to call the OVNIS in the 40's.

Eddie Van Halen plays the guitar solo in the middle of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

The group UB40 (That's right! Red, Red Wine..) took their name from the form used by the unemployment office in Britain.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was the guitarist on David Bowie's "Let's Dance" album.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Footwear Facts

4,000 years ago the first shoes were made of a single piece of rawhide that enveloped the foot for both warmth and protection.

Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. They were originally called keds.

Shoes all over the world were identical until the nineteenth century, when left- and right-footed shoes were first made in Philadelphia.

In Biblical times a sandal was given as a sign of an oath.

In Hungary the groom drinks a toast to his bride out of her wedding slipper.

In 1986, 12% of American women had shoe sizes 9.5 and higher. In 1994, that number increased to 17%. In 1998, 30.4% of all women's shoes sold were size 9 and above.

In 1463 the English parliament took the matter in hand and passed an act forbidding shoes with spikes more than two inches in length being worn and manufactured.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chocolate Facts

In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt, the founder of Lindt Chocolates, invented the process of “Conching” which is used to refine chocolate thus enhancing it’s quality.

During the Second World War, the U.S. Government commissioned Milton Hershey to create a candy bar to be included in soldier’s rations. The candy bar chosen was the famous Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar.

Americans eat an average of twenty two (22) pounds of candy each year, or approximately 2.8 BILLION pounds annually, split almost equally between candy and chocolate. That is far less than most Europeans consume.

As of 2006, consumers spent more than $7,000,000 a year on chocolate related products.

In the 17th Century, the first recorded case of “Death by Chocolate” occurred.

The oldest known civilization of the Americas (1500 - 400 B.C.), The Olmecs, were probably the first users of cacao.

Chocolate has great health benefits. It helps with depression, high blood pressure, Tumors and Pre-menstrual syndromes.

The per capita consumption of chocolate indicates that each person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Colorado Facts

Colorado is the highest state and has more mountains reaching 14,000 feet than any other state.

"Grand Mesa," the world's largest flat-top plateau is also found in Colorado.

Soon after gold was discovered near Denver, the region around Pikes Peak became the Colorado Territory.

Colorado has more microbreweries per capita than any other state.

The United States federal government owns more than 1/3 of the land in Colorado.

The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level.

Colorado has 222 state wildlife areas.

Colfax Avenue in Denver is the longest continuous street in America.

Dove Creek is the "Pinto Bean" capital of the world.

There are nearly 20 rivers whose headwaters begin in Colorado, with the Continental Divide directing each river's course.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Facts About Recycling

Every month Americans throw out enough glass bottles and jars to fill up a giant skyscraper (think: Empire State Building), but all of these jars are recyclable!

The average American uses 650 pounds of paper each year – 100 million tons of wood could be saved each year if all that paper was recycled.

The 17 trees saved by recycling one ton of paper can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air each year.

About 80% of what Americans throw away is recyclable, yet our recycling rate is only 28%.

Glass can be recycled virtually forever. It never wears out.

The energy saved by recycled just one bottle could light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours.

Most bottles and jars that you use contain at least 25% recycled material.

Colorado is one of the worst states in the nation in terms of recycling and composting.

Recycling creates 6 times as many jobs as landfilling.

Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild our entire commercial fleet of airplanes every 3 months.

Fun Toilet Facts

The inventor of the flushing toilet was Thomas Crapper.

In 1890, the Scott Paper Company manufactured toilet paper on a roll, much as we know it today.

An average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year. About 6-8 times a day. You spend about 3 years of your life in the toilet.

Only 7% of homes in Afghanistan have a flush toilet, but 19% have a television.

he odds are 1 out of 10,000 (.001%) that you will get injured by a toilet this year.

The average life expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.

The appliance that uses the most use of water in the home is the toilet.

The first ever “World Summit on Toilets” was held in Singapore in November 2001.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Really Cool Facts About Ice Cream

Around 13% of men and 8% of women will admit to licking the bowl clean after eating ice cream.

Biggest ice cream sundae - 12 ft tall! This one was made with 4,667 gallons of ice cream in California in 1985.

Chocolate Syrup is the most popular ice cream topping.

The world's largest ice cream bar was made in Kalisz, Poland. The giant bar weighed 19,357 pounds and took 11 days to make in September 1994.

To this day, the history of ice cream remains a mystery. However, many say that the first ice cream is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome.

An average dairy cow can produce enough milk in her lifetime to make a little over 9,000 gallons of ice cream.

In the U.S., all ice cream needs to have a minimum of 10% milkfat if it is to be labeled "ice cream". This includes custard based (French Style) ice creams.

Americans celebrated the victory of WWII with ice cream. In 1946, they ate more than 20 quarts of ice cream per person.

California produces the most ice cream in the U.S.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Facts About The Moon

When Neil Armstrong took that historical step of "one small step for man one giant step for mankind" it would not have occurred to anyone that the step he took in the dust of the moon was there to stay. It will be there for at least 10 million years.

In a survey conducted in 1988, 13% of those surveyed believed that the moon is made of cheese.

The moon rotates at 10 miles per hour compared to the earth's rotation of 1000 miles per hour.

The moon is not a planet, but a satellite of the Earth.

# The moon is about 1/4 the size of the Earth.

# On the moon, there is no wind or water.

# From Earth, we always see the same side of the moon; the other side is always hidden.

# The dark spots we see on the moon that create the image of the man in the moon are actually craters filled with basalt, which is a very dense material.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Inteteresting Bible Facts

The Bible contains about 773, 692 words! It would take you approximately 70 hours to read the whole Bible out loud.

The Bible was written by inspiration by about 40 men in a period of about 1600 years dating from 1500 BC to approx. 100 AD.

The word 'Jehovah' occurs 6,855 times.

The word 'Lord' occurs 1,853 times.

The word 'And' occurs 46,277 times.

The KJV was first printed in 1611.

The American Standard in 1901.

The first Bible printed in the US was in 1663. It was published by John Eliot the so called "Apostle to the Indians".

The first time the Bible was ever translated was in 270 BC when the OT was translated into Greek in Alexandria, Egypt.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interesting facts about Barack Obama

He can speak Spanish.

He kept a pet ape called Tata while in Indonesia.

His favorite book is Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.

He would have liked to have been an architect if he were not a politician.

He uses an Apple Mac laptop.

He keeps on his desk a carving of a wooden hand holding an egg, a Kenyan symbol of the fragility of life.

His favorite fictional television programs are Mash and The Wire.

Daughter Malia’s godmother is Jesse Jackson’s daughter Santita.

His desk in his Senate office once belonged to Robert Kennedy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Facts About Computers

E-mail has been around longer than the World Wide Web.

MySpace reports over 110 million registered users. Were it a country, it would be the tenth largest, just behind Mexico.

The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute, less than half the normal rate of 20.

There are approximately 1.06 billion instant messaging accounts worldwide.

The first computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart in around 1964 and was made of wood.

Domain names are being registered at a rate of more than one million names every month.

Bill Gates' house was designed using a Macintosh computer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Facts About Hot Dogs

The world record for eating hot dogs is 53 1/2 Nathan's hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes by Takeru Kobayashi.

American eat about 150 million hot dogs on the 4th of July (about 2 billion for the whole month of July).

The most popular hot dog topping among adults is mustard (87.6%). Among children, it is ketchup.

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport sells more than 2 million hot dogs a year.

Weight Watchers includes hot dogs in its medically-approved diet regimen.

The average hot dog is consumed in 6.1 bites.

A little known fact about Mickey Mouse is that his first words were "Hot dogs!" He spoke them in the 1929 short flick titled "The Karnival Kid".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Facts About Pigs

A baby pig, or piglet, weighs about 1.5 kilograms at birth and will double its weight in just 7 days.

Pigs have four toes on each hoof, but only walk on two toes per foot.

A mature pig has 44 teeth.

A pig can run a 7 minute mile.

Pigs can live up to 15 years they have an acute sense of smell, excellent hearing and eyesight.

A pig’s nose is called a snout. In farm pigs, the snout may be either long and narrow, or short and broad. The snout should be moist, clean and shinning, it is highly mobile as well as being extremely strong.

Males are called boars males that are de-sexed are called barrows.

Young first time mothers are called gilts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Useless But Interesting Facts

A 10-gallon hat barely holds 6 pints.

160 cars can drive side by side on the Monumental Axis in Brazil, the world's widest road.

A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

A quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, a dime has one less groove.

Almonds are a member of the peach family.

Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33.

Charles Lindbergh took only four sandwiches with him on his famous transatlantic flight.

In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

It takes a lobster approximately seven years to grow to be one pound.