Sunday, June 21, 2009

Space Facts

You can fly Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two and experience weightlessness for 5 minutes for $200,000.

After 6 months in space your head swells with fluid and becomes puffy. Your inner ear sends conflicting signals which causes space sickness. Your heart enlarges and its beat slows down. Your stomach has a free falling sensation. Your legs become thinner. Your spine becomes straighter adding two inches of height.

Jupiter has a giant red spot on it that is a storm.

In winter the Earth is actually closer to the sun.

The original commercial rockets required launch teams of hundreds of engineers and technicians. Some rockets now require only eight people.

A NASA study showed that if a ticket to space cost $100,000 about 1 million people would buy a ticket.

The moon orbits the Earth about every month.

The Space Race took place in the Cold war.

Before the ISS there was a station called Mir.


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