Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Sun

The Sun's mass is 2 x 1027 tonnes.

About 75% of the Sun is hydrogen, the rest is mostly helium.

Gravity holds the Sun together.

The weight of the outer layers of the Sun causes the density and temperature to increase inwards, until at the centre the temperature is 15 million degrees Celsius and the density is 160 times that of water!!

At the centre of the Sun, hydrogen nuclei fuse into helium, releasing the energy upon which we depend.

The Sun’s diameter is about 870,000 miles wide. The Sun is 109 times wider than Earth, and is 333,000 times heavier. That means if you put the Sun on a scale, you would need 333,000 objects that weigh as much as the Earth on the other side to make it balance.

Our sun has an expected lifetime of about 11 billion years.

For 186 days you can not see the sun in the North Pole.

No solar eclipse can last longer than 7 minutes 58 seconds because of the speed at which the sun moves.


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